Covid hit our business very hard. The decrease in Gross revenue was more than 80%.

Then a few days later the government banned to work filmmakers and event managers. In my worst nightmares, I never thought that my business can be shut down in one day.

This will be a story about me and my friend who lost their dream job in one day… Even it was running successfully for past 10 years.

My Friend Kaspars

Unused Fixed Capital

We together had over $100K Fixed capital that we can not use. Most of the capital contained gear for filming, stage, light, and sound for event organization…

Suggest using Quora or Medium as a traffic generator to your lead magnet. And I have used both platforms for that purpose.

Actually, On Quora, you can get many more views and much better traffic, than on Medium. People here are searching for specific questions un you can find them and give a solution, and generate money on the back end.

Don’t think that you will make a lot of money on Medium or on Quora from their partner program. Even on Youtube, it is the same. Let’s take Youtube David Dobrik. He has millions of views. Most of the…

The easiest way is to stick one proven recipe and execute every day.

Even if it’s not working straight away, keep trying, adjusting it and you are succeeding.

Why You should listen to me?

Let me give you an example.

Everyone loves these sexy ass looking cakes. No one can resist them. And when we cook them, we are following the recipe. Right?

If you want to make it tasty you should follow the recipe. And there aren’t any shortcuts to make it better.

And you can not skip an ingredient. Then you will mess up.

What is your point?

What I’m saying is that Online Business is the same…

Making money through regular blogging isn’t the same as it was a year and even 10 years ago.

When Medium and Quora started to really take off, there wasn’t any need to start your own WordPress.

To get attraction from google (readers) on this two mentioned platform is much easier than on your own blog.

For example, if you write a good answers on Quora, you can get on Google and Bing searches results much quicker than with your own blog.

Another thing that has helped me to generate almost 1000 leads a day was when one of my posts…

Rebeca Mojica lost her job and get into big debts. She couldn’t find any new job for months. She asked friends for money. And everybody helped. But she didn’t pay back the money.

One day she went to hang out with her best friend and ask him for $100. And the friend gave it to her but said that these will be last $100 for her.

So friend already understood that he lost already these $100. And never will get back it. After that day they never hang out again.

That was the last chance for Rebec to get back…

Ivar Pavlovich

Email marketing specialist

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