From Unemployed to $10k in Month

My Friend Kaspars

Unused Fixed Capital

We together had over $100K Fixed capital that we can not use. Most of the capital contained gear for filming, stage, light, and sound for event organization. Due to restrictions.

What to do with all equipment?

To start to generate some cash flow we could rent out some of the gear for family parties. But the budgets for that kind of event were highly below $500.

Let’s go Online!

That was our idea.

Offer our new product to our partners

First thing what we started to do was to reach out our partners that we were working for many years to offer them online event solution.

What’s next? Where we can get some gigs?

We started to outreach different kinds of companies ourselves and decided to offer our Online Event Management Services by ourselves.

Cold Emailing

Then we found that there is a cold emailing option.


So at this point, we needed a new strategy.

Beginning of December

And we still haven’t managed to get new gigs. So it was time to do Cold Email outreach.


The first and hardest thing to do was to “find best fitting” prospects.

49.2% over three email sequence. Amazing!

Google says that on average marketers are able to maintain 18%. But we managed to almost triple the number.

17.3% response rate

This is the best part.



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